Can metal accessories be both stylish and fun?

Can metal accessories be both stylish and fun?

We have very special product recommendations on the All-in-Line website for those who prefer to live life simply, lightly, fully, and minimalist. Let's take a look at these extraordinary designs created in the Tuscany Valley of Italy and take a closer look at the philosophy of "the (bearable) lightness of metal".

Article by Ummuhan Kazanc

Can Metal Accessories Be Both Stylish And Fun?Gennaro Tramonti and his children Simone and Laura Tramonti.

Car-Met metalworking Company, which Gennaro Tramonti founded nearly 30 years ago in the heart of Italy's Tuscan Valley and achieved significant success, has now been taken a step further by his children Simone and Laura, creating unique metal objects such as the Formae Collection. When the smell of metal grinding, an important memory of their childhood meets with the experience of their fathers and contemporary Italian design, stylish, fun, simple, and comfortable home furniture accessories emerge. They describe their company's philosophy as "the (bearable) lightness of metal". Of course, behind these extraordinary designs of the Formae Collection brand, Art Director Leonardo Fortino, has contributed greatly to the creation of the company's design language, together with Simone and Laura Tramonti. These home accessories, which we can generally describe as wonderful, stylish, aesthetic, and functional, are known for their pure geometries and linear surfaces, and excellent craftsmanship.

Can Metal Accessories Be Both Stylish And Fun?Pura by Formae Collection.


We can say that Pura is the apple of the eye of a house. Formae's contemporary designs are once again on stage and playing a wonderful role. Round and horizontal forms are intertwined and play games with light. Circles and horizontals display a balanced unity in harmony with the rhythm of life. Besides being a magazine holder, it makes the atmosphere of the room peaceful. Pura is the embodiment of a geometric balance in an object. It offers the ideal calmness for reading sessions where you will be immersed in depth.

Can Metal Accessories Be Both Stylish And Fun?Costellation by Formae Collection.


Constellations are the most mysterious objects in the sky. Costellation, with its distinctive alignment like a constellation, best reflects the Formae style. The elegance and delicacy of the Italian style are also evident in these small design products. In this set, a circle folds back on itself, creating a small coat rack complete with a mirror and tray for pocket contents. Its simple, plain appearance will draw you deeper and complete the warm air of your home instead of filling the space in your home.

Can Metal Accessories Be Both Stylish And Fun?Engioi by Formae Collection.



Formae Collection brings you the most suitable and healthiest vehicles while building your houses. Each of them is different, dynamic, and adds color to the home. Engioi allows you to save space with its wheels and cabinet feature. With its functionality, it is made for you to get fast results even in the most crowded invitations. With its aesthetic stance, it allows you to take strong steps toward both life and art. At the same time, we can say that it is the solution partner of a house. Engioi is a lively sweet helper of the house. It adds a lively atmosphere to your home.

Can Metal Accessories Be Both Stylish And Fun?Otto by Formae Collection.


Otto ironically shows the changing perception of clocks from the great clocks of the Middle Ages to the present day. The only thing that does not change in the change of the clock is that the clock shows the time. A clock evokes time. This watch is designed with a contemporary perception and shows the styles of all times. Otto feeds us a lot in this regard. A magnificent design with its wooden dial and fine lines stands before you. It is the most modern of the pedestal clocks with its body consisting of shelves. You can put your books and objects on the shelves. The key on the watch is the most striking detail of the design. Otto is more than just a charismatic home accessory. It is a unique piece that completes a home.

Can Metal Accessories Be Both Stylish And Fun?Flip by Formae Collection.


Flip is one of the most special pieces in the Formae collection. Flip is truly romantic and a fairy tale. Inspired by the torches of the Middle Ages, this piece turns into an object of attraction to modern life. Flip, which you can use in different styles, is an energy source, aware of the fact that light brings innovation to the whole house. You can make the evenings you spend at home, on the terrace, or in the garden more special with Flip. Available in two heights (60 cm and 80 cm), it is hand-crafted from a metal tube, creating a unique piece every time.

Can Metal Accessories Be Both Stylish And Fun?Zenobio by Formae Collection.


A public monument on a domestic scale, Zenobio is a coat rack composed of the wireframe of a turreted city, which evokes doors, arches, and windows through the incessant evolution of wire which forms straight lines, curves, or circles, creating an authentic internal architecture. The continuous changes in shape, as well as making the product highly functional, also make Zenobio dynamic and always aesthetically different, depending on the viewpoint.

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