Design Craze reaches its peak in Milan

Design Craze reaches its peak in Milan

Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In Milan

Chromatik House by Hommés Studio, Location: Palazzo delle Meraviglie at Museo Bagatti Valsecchi – Milano.

Within the scope of Milan Design Week or officialy known as Brera Design Week, which is considered the most important design event in the world, the most influential furniture fair of the world, Salone del Mobile, and Fuorisalone, which hosts many design events, will again feature trend-setting designs and products that will shape furniture fashion. A design festival begins in Milan.


Article by Ummuhan Kazanc

Milan Design Week is the world's most important design event, anchored by the Salone del Mobile furniture fair and featuring shows and events in hundreds of venues across the city's design districts. It takes takes place in Milan from 6 to 12 June 2022. The main event at Milan Design Week each year is Salone del Mobile, the world's biggest furniture fair, which takes place at the Fiera Milano exhibition centre from 7 to 12 June 2022. A wide range of fringe events, installations and exhibitions take place across Milan to coincide with Salone del Mobile, which are collectively known as the Fuorisalone. These events largely take place as part of several design districts.

Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In Milan©Artwork Italian Heritage - Segni delle Carte.

Milan Design Week: “Designing the Present, Choosing the Future”

The 2022 edition of Brera Design Week collects the challenges of contemporaneity and promotes the theme “Between Space and Time” proposed by, declining it in “Designing the Present, Choosing the future”. Gathering and interpreting the needs of the present is the starting point for facing the challenges of tomorrow. The 2022 edition of the event, including exhibitions, installations, new products revealed in the streets and showrooms of the city, arises from these needs. Design is a useful tool to cope with the critical issues of today, to give shape to ideas and creative solutions that can bring value to our lives.

Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In Milan©Inspired in Barcelona - A Gathering Place.

Brera Design Week 2022 will host over 168 events, 314 brands and designers, 108 showrooms with proposals signed by internationally renowned designers. In addition, there will be exhibitions in temporary locations, which for a week will enliven the historic district of Brera, presenting the design community with innovative ideas with low environmental impact.

Main sponsors of the 2022 edition are Porsche, which presents the event “The Art of Dreams” through the work of the floral artist Ruby Barber in the spaces of Palazzo Clerici, and Valcucine, with the project “Sustainability beyond Space and Time” which includes a series of appointments to state the company's constant commitment to sustainable production.

Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In Milan©Porsche – The Art of Dreams Milano – Everywhereness.

Porsche – “The Art of Dreams”

Porsche goes on display for the first time at Milan Design Week with an immersive installation that is part of its new art initiative “The Art of Dreams.” Through the work of floral artist Ruby Barber, Porsche aims to explore the relationship between nature and technology with an immersive, dreamlike installation at Palazzo Clerici. 

Ruby Barber has created an uplifting sculptural artwork that combines the fragility of flowers with a technological perspective in the 21st century. Fascinating even in its resting state, the installation comes to life through choreographed performances. An intense creative process saw Barber collaborate with flight engineers and numerous drone pilots in the creation of an “innovative” art experience.

Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In Milan©Valcucine - Artematica con Air Logica - Vitrum Mimesis.

Valcucine and LEED mapping, the present and the future of sustainability in architecture

Valcucine presents “Sustainability Beyond Space and Time”, a series of appointments to confirm the constant commitment of the company that for more than 40 years has been promoting sustainable production. The project includes the introduction of the new LEED v4.1 mapping through a path that rereads the history of the company through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs - defined by the United Nations as a strategy “to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.

Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In Milan©Baglioni Hotels & Resorts, MILAN LOBBY ENTRANCE OPTION.

Baglioni Hotels & Resorts – “IN-BETWEEN. Between Art and Design”

Casa Baglioni, the new Milanese hotel of the Baglioni Collection that will be opened in the Brera district by the end of the year, a project signed by the architecture firm Spagnulo & Partners, opens the doors of its building site during the days of the Milan Design Week, transforming itself into the exclusive stage of the art exhibition “IN-BETWEEN. Between Art and Design.”

Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In Milan©Stark - Momentum.

Stark - Momentum

Momentum: interactive installation conceived in the spaces of the Acquario Civico di Milano, dedicated to the theme of Fuorisalone and signed by Stark, a leading company in the production of multimedia installations and interactive experiences.

Stark takes the opportunity presented by the theme of Fuorisalone 2022, questioning itself through a visual and experiential installation on the system time-space/environment. The relationship between scientific time and perceived time is represented in an interactive space that invites us to reflect on the actions performed by each of us. A shared experience told by light and sounds. The work brings together two visions of time, scientific time and the time of human life, perceived time.

Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In Milan©Cristina Celestino - FLORILEGIO.

Cristina Celestino – “Florilegio”

At Fioraio Radaelli, a space designed by Guglielmo Ulrich in 1945, Cristina Celestino's intervention takes inspiration from the very nature of the space, from the dialogue between outside and inside, interacting with the pre-existing aesthetics and establishing a fertile harmony between an idea of design and domesticated nature.

Concealing any decorative interference through the use of mirrored objects that celebrate in an ironic and at the same time magical way the “nature” of the place, we obtain a coexistence of matter and content, suggesting a new way of perceiving and using space. A tribute to nature.

 Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In Milan©Tai Ping - Florae Folium by Sam Baron Installation.

Tai Ping – “Florae Folium, installation by designer Sam Baron”

Tai Ping will present for the first time in his Milan showroom, Floræ Folium, a set design by Sam Baron. For the event, the French designer has imagined a unique mise-en-scène by incorporating three original carpets that play on the technical limitations of the brand. Through exclusive designs, Sam Baron reinterprets the classic floral motif of the bouquet in a contemporary way, blurring the lines between floor and space, mixing sketches and carpets, classicism and visionary modernity.

Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In MilanIKEA is going to organize IKEA Festival during Milan design week 2022, which includes exhibitions, installations and talks alongside latest product launches.

60th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano: Designing sustainability, celebrating beauty

The Salone del Mobile will be celebrating the 60th milestone edition and all the beauty generated not just by the event, but also by the companies, the brands and

the designers on whom its success hinges, and who come together to create an event that reflects the ongoing ecological transition of the furnishing system.

The Salone del Mobile.Milano has drawn up and circulated a series of guidelines to help exhibitors and stand designers and builders to respect basic sustainability criteria. It suggests employing reusable materials (such as wood) or upcycled, low environmental impact or FSC or PEFC certified materials; giving due consideration to the logistical sustainability of the supply sources of the materials; employing environmentally safe products and equipment; endeavouring not to waste materials, electricity or water; ensuring that “adaptability” and “disassembly for reuse” are the cardinal principles when choosing the components that will make up the project, always bearing in mind where and how they could be reused or disposed of. For its part, the Salone will ensure that it follows the same recommendations when creating the communal spaces at the fair.

Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In MilanCourtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano, Andrea Mariani.

Overall, the 2022 events will involve more than 2,000 exhibitors, including over 600 young designers under 35, all free to express their own identities to the best of their abilities, with complete creative freedom. On entering the fair, visitors will walk into the stands, which will act as both architectural and communication elements. Spaces that will welcome visitors and showcase the new collections and lifestyle concepts of the individual brands.

Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In MilanCourtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano, Andrea Mariani.

The June event will also feature the biennial exhibitions EuroCucina, and its collateral event FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) and the International Bathroom Exhibition. Kitchens are becoming multifunctional spaces, expressions of contemporary living, their confines with other domestic spaces so increasingly blurred as to vanish entirely – fluid, hybrid, integrated spaces, the barycentres of the home, social aggregators and not just purveyors of essential needs. Bathroom companies have been investing in research and innovation for years in a bid to come up with low energy products that respond to the most recent market demands for sustainability, responding with increasingly technological and green-oriented products without skimping on the emotional component.

Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In MilanCourtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano, Diego Ravier.

More than 600 young designers will be taking part in the 23rd edition of SaloneSatellite. This year’s theme is DESIGNING FOR OUR FUTURE SELVES / PROGETTARE PER I NOSTRI DOMANI. This edition will invite us to reflect on “inclusive” design, fostering autonomy, comfort, movement, usability, interaction and safety for all. SaloneSatellite also boasts a new layout, designed along the theme of the piazza as a meeting place, underscoring the role of this event as a generator of new connections between the international design schools, young people, the new start-ups and the manufacturing world.

Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In MilanCourtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano, Diego Ravier.


This year, there are four main design districts taking part in Milan design week:

Brera Design District

Located in the centre of Milan, Brera Design District is one of the largest and most established design districts taking part in Milan design week each year. The district features a wide range of exhibitions and events at brand showrooms and temporary venues.

6 to 12 June 2022.

Isola Design District

Isola Design District is a platform that spotlights the work of local designers and creatives. Taking place in the Isola neighbourhood just north of the city centre, the district includes exhibitions, installations, workshops and talks around the theme “Together as One”.

7 to 12 June 2022.

Tortona Design Week

Tortona Design Week includes a range of exhibitions and events across Milan’s Zona Tortona area in the southwest of the city. This year’s exhibits focus on the theme “Fluidity and Design”.

6 to 12 June 2022.

5Vie Design Week

Located in Milan’s Cinque Vie district, the city’s historic Medieval quarter close to the Duomo cathedral, 5VIE Design Week includes a number of exhibitions, talks and events under the theme “Prototyping Utopias”.

6 to 12 June 2022.

 Design Craze Reaches Its Peak In MilanEtienne Marc, FAR22, exhibition at Nilufar Depot, Image: Courtesy of Nilufar Depot.

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