Elegant coffee tables to accompany the delicious coffee taste

Elegant coffee tables to accompany the delicious coffee taste

The pleasure of a cup of coffee is insatiable for coffee lovers. In each sip of coffee, we fit our most enjoyable moments, our most unforgettable memories. How and where we serve our delicious, fragrant coffee that makes us reborn in the morning, makes our friends and family meetings unforgettable, and accompanies our cookies and cakes is just as important. Let's take a closer look at the stylish and functional coffee tables on the All-in-Line website.

Article by Ummuhan Kazanc


 Naïve Table by Emko.
Naïve Table by Emko.

If you are a true coffee lover, how you present your coffee is as important as its quality. Coffee tables, which are indispensable parts of the decoration of your living room, draw attention with their stylish and inviting designs as well as their functions. “Which coffee table?” We recommend asking the question. If you are planning to buy a new coffee table for your living space, we recommend that you think beforehand about what work you will load it. If your coffee table will also be a display area for your television remote, candles, vases, or bowls, you can choose a larger and multi-purpose product. If you want your books, newspapers, magazines, and glasses to be at hand at all times, you can choose a coffee table with drawers or two floors.

It would be right to choose a coffee table that will reflect your coffee habits, personality, and lifestyle. One or more of the special coffee tables in the All-in-Line collection may be the product you are looking for.

Ettore by Formae CollectionEttore Coffee Table by Formae Collection.

It is also very important that your coffee table is in harmony with the decoration of your living space. Among the most prominent parts of a living room are armchairs and coffee tables. After you have decided whether you will use your coffee table between your seats or in the middle of your living room, you can plan which materials will attract your attention and complete your decoration. The size of the coffee table you choose is also one of the points you should pay attention to. A very large and wide coffee table will make your living space look smaller than it is, while a smaller size coffee table may be useless compared to your belongings. If you have children or you will be in frequent contact with families with children, we recommend that you stay away from models with pointed corners and prefer rounded designs.

Of course, it would be very right to choose a product that will reflect your coffee habits, personality, and lifestyle. One or more of the special coffee tables in the All-in-Line collection may be the product you are looking for.


Marrakech Coffee Table by Belize & Mar.

Marrakech Coffee Table by Belize & Mar

Marrakech Coffee Table by Belize & Mar

The Marrakech coffee table opposes the plain Scandinavian use of hazer and the quantity work of hazer with its 100% handcraft. A brand new wind will come to your living spaces with this product, which tells stories from the African peninsula with its belly-shaped composition from the middle point. For a coffee table to be truly modern and aesthetic, it is important to have style. Marrakech Coffee Table creates its style with its exotic African-inspired concept.


Naïve Tables by Emko.Naïve Table by Emko

Naïve Table by Emko

What a coffee table brings to you when your guests arrive or while you are relaxing alone is unique. The Naïve Side Table is an incredibly ingenious helper at the key point of the home. Its ergonomic structure and harmony with the decor of your room are really important. Everything changes, but a useful, loving-looking table is never replaced right away. As those coffee tables are used and good memories are experienced, they become even more indispensable.

Coffee Tables Tres by Nobonobo.Coffee Tables Tres by Nobonobo.


Coffee Tables Tres by Nobonobo

Modern Tres tables include design and functionality on the highest level. Round tabletops made of high-quality metal placed on light and, at the same time, stable basis create a truly spectacular effect. A detachable tabletop, acting as a tray, provides an easy and convenient way to serve beverages and snacks. Tres table fits perfectly with any surroundings, it is ideal for living rooms, balconies, and even gardens.


Ettore by Formae Collection.Ettore by Formae Collection

Ettore by Formae Collection

Dreams and reality are different. You have to make realistic decisions for your dream home. Ettore has planned your corner designed for this purpose. Its design suggests triple solidarity. With the table solution in different sizes, you will get an ease of use that will give more than its size. According to the width of your place, it is a friend that will accompany you in your evening pleasure. With the lighting feature, your enjoyment of books and the hours you relax your mind become more valuable. It is not an ordinary piece of furniture, instead, it pushes the limits to be a more functional and aesthetic piece. 

Table set Minus by Nobonobo.
Table set Minus by Nobonobo

Table set Minus by Nobonobo

Minus table set – the two halves of the table are as if glued with a piece of oak between them. The unique combination of two table tops and combining them into one gives an amazing effect. Wood gives us an additional feeling of warmth in the design. If we look at the top, this wooden element resembles a “minus” sign and that is where the name of this series comes from. The collection consists of four small tables, thus different sizes and colors can be composed. Where there is art and culture, there is geometry and mathematics. It is impossible to comprehend life without mathematics. Minus Table puts the "minus" symbol of mathematics in the middle of life this time. It reduces the excess in your home and replaces it with joy and common sense. Table Minus prefers the meaningful and clever to the mundane.


 Zesta Coffee Table by Dali.

Zesta Coffee Table by Dali

Zesta Coffee Table by Dali

If it was a painting, the distinctive features of this design, color and form would be immediately noticed. Since it appeals to a three-dimensional perception, it was built where it should be and with the materials, they should be. The movement of metal, which symbolizes the beyond, has removed the table from being just a table, adding a decorative and fairy-tale effect. If you went to a crowded cafe, the first thing that would be caught by your eye is this design. You try to solve it, to understand the geometrical contents of its structure. The dance of metal and wood has never been met in such a delightful design. The satin used on the surface is an indication of the different vision in the material. 


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