Fire Pit: No Such Pleasure!

Fire Pit: No Such Pleasure!

Since the invention of fire, human beings have always gathered around the fire to warm up, eat, chat, have fun, and even for religious ceremonies. Today, our passion for the warmth and light of fire has not changed much. However, there is a very important detail that has changed, and that is the amazing designs of fire pit designs.

Article by Ummuhan Kazanc


You can't get enough of the pleasure of meeting your favorite friends and family members around the warm fire, sipping your drinks, and frying marshmallows, right? Especially if your pleasure is accompanied by a marvel of design, a super quality fire pit, do not enjoy it. The fire pits of the Glamm Fire, which are offered for sale on the All-in-Line's website, are astonishing. You can't help saying "Wow...". From portable, concrete, steel, and minimalist to ultra-modern options let's take a look at the cool Glamm Fire fire pits that will help you create a romantic atmosphere in your garden, where you can create the campfire spirit. You will be amazed by the designs that inspire you to create magnificent garden decorations.

Fire Pit: No Such Pleasure!Mime by Glamm Fire.


Designed with the motto "It's great to be alive, but living is infinitely better", the Mime fire pit is a design far beyond expectations. This fire pit, which will create a sculptural look in your garden, is like a harbinger of unforgettable moments. Offering an aesthetic, elegant, and stylish appearance with its round form, the product can be the design of your dreams. While the outer material can be produced as steel or corten steel, optionally wood, coal, gas, and bioethanol can be used as fuel.


Circus Fire Pit promises unparalleled fun wherever you are. Always enjoy Circus and all the fun it has to offer, with your friends and family. Making use of the space in your garden, Circus combines comfort with its warm fire and comfortable armchairs; It is also resistant to outdoor conditions.

Its body can be produced as steel or corten steel. Seating benches are covered with weatherproof outdoor upholstery fabric. More veneer color options are available on request for the seating areas. Wood, coal, gas, or bioethanol can be used as fuel.

Fire Pit: No Such Pleasure!Cosmo 13 by Glamm Fire.

Cosmo 13

Who wouldn't want to have such an elegant and stylish fireplace? Cosmo 13 is a very refined and detailed fireplace model. Indeed, a very rich product that exceeds expectations. It almost increases the magic of the fire and it is up to you to live the special moments of your life. It stands out with its superior design, material quality, and functional versatility. A very special product with the ability to adapt perfectly to indoor and outdoor environments. A design that will add perfection and pleasure to your spaces. The material of the fireplace, which works with liquid bioethanol fuel, is rusted corten steel and has two color options, black and white.

Fire Pit: No Such Pleasure!Lira by Glamm Fire.


Inspired by the secularism of ancient coins, Lira is a very special fireplace design with a strong aesthetic component. Compact and extremely versatile, this model is designed to beautify your space. The fireplace, which can be used indoors or outdoors, will add richness to every place where it is used and offer an aesthetic appearance. Every moment you spend around this fireplace will be unforgettable. Made of rusted corten steel, the fireplace runs on liquid bioethanol fuel.

Fire Pit: No Such Pleasure!Operetta by Glamm Fire.


“Little moments take us to another dimension.” The Operetta fire pit, designed with the philosophy of With its rather large structure, it allows high fires to be lit. Offering the naturalness of a campfire, the product also strengthens your garden decoration with its stylish design. The outer material of the fire pit is lacquered carbon steel, and the fuel compartment is Brushed AISI 316 stainless steel. Coal, wood, gas, or bioethanol can be used as fuel.

Fire Pit: No Such Pleasure!Solace by Glamm Fire.


Fire pit Solace conveys the inspiration and transmission of the simplicity of forms and the expression of its desire to be a reference point in the space where it is placed. It almost evokes the sacred fire burning in temples in ancient times. At its core, features like the roughness of the rusty surface come to the fore, making it a piece of rustic, functional versatility. It is a model with an excellent ability to adapt to external environments. It is a product that can strongly support the natural atmosphere you want to create in your garden. A rustic look was created by using rusted steel at the end of the product made of steel. You can use wood or coal as fuel.

Fire Pit: No Such Pleasure!Stravaganza by Glamm Fire.


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