Italian charm in bathrooms with Ex.t Products

Italian charm in bathrooms with Ex.t Products

Ex.t is a very exclusive Italian brand that creates unusual bathroom designs and do not contain ordinary products for those who are always seeking for something different. You can find different, unexpected, stylish and original Ex.t products that re-interpret bathroom design on All-in-Line's website.

Text by Ümmühan Kazanç

Modularity, versatility and functionality. Ex.t products, which represent the bathroom as a dynamic space that can be constantly transformed and renewed, meeting the requirements of contemporary life, are completely Italian production. It is inevitable to fall in love with these products that reflects the glamour of the Tuscan Valley and the charm of Florence. Ex.t products. Ex.t products are created by artisan labs and manufacturers committed to continuing the tradition of Made in Italy through an ongoing innovation process. The collections, which are created with the marvellous collaboration of Italian and international design studios, appeal to different styles with a unique and original aesthetic as well as a contemporary approach. Ex.t is an innovative brand that combines the international vision of its designers with Italian expertise in the use of techniques and materials. These very special products are handcrafted in workshops managed by the Tuscan family, with special care and attention to subtle details. Ex.t takes care of every stage of production, from selection to development, and manages the whole process with a feminine touch with entirely female staff. They believe in the value of tradition and the power of creativity. Their mission is to bring to life bathroom furniture inspired by the world of interior design. Ex.t products are unique pieces with versatile spirit, suitable for many living spaces, combining global design trend with local artisan heritage, crafted with love to live long.

Noto Shelf by Ex.t.Noto Shelf by Ex.t.

Noto Shelf

Noto bathroom products are one of the most aesthetic and elegant pieces of the Ex.t collection. The minimalism of the Scandinavian style is combined here with a romantic musicality. It is observed that Ex.t goes into deep work to produce works from almost every branch of art. Ordinary objects and functional cabinets are not enough for them. It is based on the space used. It combines the spaces with the most ideal components of the material. And thereby a structure with strong internal dynamics emerges. It keeps the chaos away from the bathroom with its calm atmosphere and tempts you with its elegant appearance. Noto Shelf is part of the ideal storage system in a bathroom.

Ex.t's mission is to bring to life bathroom furniture inspired by the world of interior design. Ex.t products are unique pieces with versatile spirit, suitable for many living spaces, combining global design trend with local artisan heritage, which are crafted with love to live long.

Arco Brass by Ex.t.Arco Brass by Ex.t. 

Arco Brass

Arco Brass is made by Mut designers, who put their signature on quality at every stage in bathroom designs, from craftsmanship to appearance. These designs are the most extreme indicator of enrichment in terms of form and color in the bathroom area. You will never come across an ordinary sink, bathtub, or bathroom fixture. Extraordinary designs emerge, each designed by the best designers. At the sink stand, you see the most beautiful formula of being functional in a narrow space. The pieces that come together in Arco are like playing a different composition of a symphony each time. All the chaos of life turns into a joyful and enjoyable space in this washbasin stand. When you translate everything about the authenticity of emotions and the meaning of life into the language of these designs, you will come across them. These designs, which fulfill the requirements of the mind and leave the rest to your imagination, are contemporary and creative. Arco Brass has a mystical effect that includes symbols of nobility in terms of form and features.

 Frieze One High by Ex.t.Frieze One High by Ex.t.

Frieze One High

Inspired by the famous Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein's “Entablatures” series, the project expresses that the sink is the central element of the bathroom with different signs, materials, and colors. The source of the radiance of the washbasin spreading from the center to the periphery is the decorations on its edges and the geometric perception dimension. Thus, completely different, diverse, and colorful designs emerge. Marcante - Testa Design Office, which uses different disciplines to build living spaces, melts art, architecture, and design in the same pot. Every detail, from the hanger to the soap dish, is carefully highlighted. Colors and each piece are combined and they have a nice harmony among themselves. Marcante - Testa achieves revolutionary achievements in bathroom architecture with its Frieze collection. It transforms the old sink concept and features a cross texture and integrated taps.

 Stand Oval Black by Ex.t.Stand Oval Black by Ex.t.

Stand Oval Black

Simplicity and modesty in a bathroom may not always remind of the function and ease of use of the bathroom. This product shows us the bathroom culture and the expanding perception of the bathroom. Instead of a standard bathroom console, each one has been created in detail in master hands. Enriched with creative touches by Norm Architects, the design takes on a separate mission to keep the traces of history and art alive in all of its products. In this bathroom, the talisman of the selected materials and their wonderful harmony with each other is never in vain. Every step taken by this design has been made with a conscious and life-serving determination. A more precious and abstract beauty is what pieces without excess or exaggeration want to tell you. This product almost guarantees quality with its brass feature.

 Frame by Ex.t.Frame by Ex.t.


Norm Architect, the creator of this unique collection, works in the fields of residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, photography, and graphic and art direction. The name Norm indicates the importance of drawing inspiration from centuries-old traditions and norms in the field of architecture and aesthetics. It uses this concept as a virtue to focus on quality, durability, and timelessness. They want their designs not only to be of good materials and good craftsmanship, but also to surpass beauty, history, and most importantly, ephemeral trends. He likes to construct a complete whole in his designs. It aims to create new norms for Scandinavian design and take these principles to the next level. Perfectionism and respect for culture are embedded in this design. Where the Scandinavian style was born, minimalism and modern designs compete with each other. Good and organic designs will win.

Eileen 75 by Ex.t.Eileen 75 by Ex.t.

Eileen 75

Bathrooms are the place where the minimum balance, which is the combination of geometry and size, is the most intense. Eileen 75 demonstrates a wonderful sensibility for geometry and mathematics. Living spaces begin to gain spirit where this perfect design is located. It presents a dignified display of loyalty that positively affects people's lives. Each detail presents a double analogy with the other. Forms enriched with a plural approach allow an artistic atmosphere to spread throughout the bathroom. The minimalist design applied to the bathroom area saves space and at the same time manages to be sincere. Eileen is clear that even with 75 eyes you can immediately solve the mystery. Colors are the embodiment of soft, bohemian style. It reminds you of a frame taken from a movie scene. With free lives and a passionate spirit, this decoration enriches life and adds a measured joy to life.

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