Living With Artworks

Living With Artworks

Written by Ummuhan Kazanc

Incorporating artwork into living spaces is a very personal decision and requires a careful selection process. Whether classic, modern, or minimalist is the décor of your home, the art you choose should first and foremost suit your taste and appreciation of art. Considering the spiritual and inner bond you will build with the artwork that will be a part of your life for a long time, you should choose a piece that captivates you from the first moment and whose artist you love and admire. A piece of art that matches the color of your chair, the pattern of your carpet, or your wall color will tire you out mentally and visually after a while.

If you're thinking of buying a real piece of art, whether it's a painting, photograph, or sculpture, it makes sense to determine your budget in the first step. Today, the prices of artwork with genuine handwriting fluctuate greatly. After you've determined your budget, make sure you know what style of art interests you the most. Between the impressionist, abstract, expressionist, figurative, and dozens of different art styles, you should choose the one that appeals to you the most. After you have decided on a budget and an art style, you should give free rein to your feelings and thoughts in order to identify which work of an artist you are close to. There is very detailed information about artists and art approaches in the Internet age. Especially artist interviews will give you all the information you need.

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Although it may seem like a small detail, the dimensions of the artwork and the technique used to produce it are another point to consider. You should also make sure that the dimensions of the work don't seem too big or too small in the exhibition space. Even in the digital age, the production techniques of artworks began to differ greatly. In addition to traditional techniques such as oil painting, acrylic, engraving, and photography, digitally manipulated artworks are now widely used. At this point, you're again guided by your preferences.

Incorporating artwork into your living spaces helps you empty your mind and rest your soul, and also contributes greatly to the atmosphere of the room. As you drink your coffee in front of a piece of art, you can discover a new depth in the colors and patterns of that piece each day. Instead of buying a single piece of art, you can also create your own mini-museum by turning one of your walls or a hallway into a gallery.

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