Mediterranean Interior Design Style

Mediterranean Interior Design Style

I know it's autumn. The weather has cooled down a bit and the rains have started. I am very happy with this situation, but I am sure there are some people who do not like this situation. Who are they? Summer lovers who love the sun caressing their skin, of course. In order to appease all the summer lovers for whom I defend the cold weather, I present to them the Mediterranean style article that will make you feel the warm weather of the Mediterranean in all seasons.

Firstly, let me take you to the Mediterranean. I was going to say close your eyes slowly now, but I gave up. You don't have to be in the Mediterranean to experience the Mediterranean spirit, where you can witness dozens of shades of blue with the sea shining with the intense rays of the sun and the clear sky! How? Continue reading.

Tips and tricks for letting the heatwave from the Mediterranean into your home

  • You can replicate the monumental image of the temples in your home by bringing the arches and columns, which are the pupils of Mediterranean architecture, into the interior!
  • To recall the exuberant sun rays of the Mediterranean, it is necessary to make the most efficient use of natural light. So you can leave the windows bare or opt for thin tulle curtains.
  • You can further emphasise this character by bringing the colour palette of the Mediterranean; blue, yellow and terracotta into your living spaces.
  • By creating an airy interior, you can pamper yourself as if you were wandering the streets of the Mediterranean.
  • You can make a decisive move with bowls, baskets and vases that you will use with natural textures such as wood, rattan, ceramic, linen and cotton.

Designs inspired by the romantic spirit of the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Interior Design StyleIsla Kitchen Island by Belize & Mar

Tasting delicious Mediterranean cuisine with your loved ones around the Isla kitchen island, which stylises the ancient times with its columned structure, and on the rattan Eliotte Bar chair will take you to the Mediterranean evenings.

 Mediterranean Interior Design StyleMarrakech Coffee Table by Belize & Mar 

Marrakech Coffee Table, which has an exotic atmosphere with its form that seems to expand from a focal point to the edges, creates a warm and friendly ambience with its terracotta colour. If the cosy ambience and coffees are ready, now is the time to chat.

 Mediterranean Interior Design StyleIsabel Sideboard by Belize & Mar

Its form is a bit familiar to you, isn't it? Isabel Dresuar, which has the splendour of nature with its layers resembling travertine, offers you the authentic lifestyle of the Mediterranean.

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