Ten items you need in your bedroom

Ten items you need in your bedroom

This time our blog has a very special guest. Interior designer and author of decor8blog.com, Holly Becker, has compiled for you a list of ten items you need in your bedroom. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Article by Ummuhan Kazanc

Ten Items You Need In Your BedroomBed Mark by Nobonobo.

The bedroom is the most private room in our house, isn't it? It is the area where we are alone with ourselves, change clothes, sleep and of course, rest the most.

First of all, a clean and tidy bedroom is the first thing we need for our soul to fully rest. Otherwise, we will not be able to feel peaceful. What could be better than sleeping in a bedroom with freshly changed bedding, clean carpets, and dusted furniture? If like me, you have a hard time falling asleep with light, dark backgrounds, or shutters, it's essential in the bedroom to be able to close the window completely when needed. To have a comfortable sleep, you should also pay special attention that your bedroom is not too hot or too cold. Now, let's take a look at the list of must-have items in your bedroom that Holly Becker has prepared for you.

Ten Items You Need In Your BedroomHolly Becker, interior designer, and writer, decor8blog.com


Must-haves in a bedroom

Holly Becker, interior designer, and writer, decor8blog.com and Instagram account is @decor8

1-Quality mattress: This is the most important thing. Futons and old mattresses are fine for college days, but once you're an adult and have your apartment or house, you'll need a quality mattress. If you have back problems, you might need something out of the ordinary - which means it can be a real investment, but it's worth it. I started with IKEA mattresses, but now I have a box spring bed from Fennobed in Hannover, Germany. https://www.fennobed.de (Note: I have the HILJA Continental 180x200 cm, FEST, with the Mio Plus Topper 180 x 200 cm).

2-Good quality sheets and pillows: You deserve good quality sheets that feel good and make you feel luxurious - bedding that makes you feel good the moment you lie down. I love linen because it's breathable and good for my skin. A wonderful pillow that is good for your neck is also important. Bedding is also going to be a big part of your decor, after all, it's the biggest piece of furniture in your room, so it's the first thing you notice when you walk into the room. So spend time choosing the best you can afford.

Ten Items You Need In Your BedroomPiccolor Table by Lumini.

3-Great Lighting in 5 Points: I usually tell my clients that they need (at least) 5 light sources in each room. One near each corner and one in the middle (on the ceiling). If you put a lamp on each side of the bed, you'll get a good balance of light. It's also nice to place a lamp in another corner next to a chair for reading. Maybe you have a dresser in another corner where you keep clothes, put a lamp there too. The lighting, at least on each side of your bed, should give you the option to adjust it - to dim or not - so you can create a different atmosphere for peaceful evenings, reading, or romance.

4-Storage with doors and drawers: In the bedroom, it's important to have a little "visual noise" as you can see from your bed. This means when you go to bed and look around, there should be minimal clutter and "noise" - so keep clothes, shoes, pajamas, books, etc. behind closet doors and in drawers.

 Ten Items You Need In Your BedroomTotem Table Lamp by Tokio.


5-Place busy patterns and colors behind your bed: Place busy wallpaper and artwork BEHIND your bed so it's not the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, and it's not the last thing you see when you go to bed at night. The room should give you peace and serenity and not stimulate you in any way - for example, family photos, bold wallpaper or paint colors, or artwork can stimulate your imagination or give you energy.

6-Full-body mirror: I have always had a full-body mirror in two places in my house - near the front door and in my bedroom. I get dressed in my bedroom, so I like to see how I look from head to toe. Near the front door I put on my shoes, hat, purse, and coat, maybe a scarf, so I need a mirror there to check myself before I leave the house. In the bedroom, I also like to have a full-body mirror because I like to watch myself work out, it helps me to make sure I have good posture during floor workouts, stand in the right position for certain exercises, etc.

 Ten Items You Need In Your BedroomDresser Ehe by Kaissu.

7-Furniture that goes with everything: In a bedroom, it's usually good to have a nightstand on either side of the bed. A large wardrobe to hang clothes and drawers to store your clothes in. Put your accessories or perfumes on it, hang a mirror, etc.

8-Scented candles: I love a scented candle in my bedroom. I also use one every night as part of my bedtime ritual. I also have room and pillow sprays in my bedroom.

Ten Items You Need In Your BedroomFlip by Formae Collection.

9-Speakers and headphones: I have both Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H95 noise-canceling headphones and a Beolit 20 (4th generation) speaker in my bedroom connected to my iPhone where I have my playlist that I like to enjoy in my bedroom. When I work out in my bedroom I have playlists to motivate me, when I get ready to sleep I have relaxing playlists. Music is wonderful in the bedroom, music is as important to me as having a mattress! Headphones are great when my little boy wants to crawl into bed and I want to watch Netflix or listen to a podcast without waking him up.

10-Carpet: You have to have a rug in your bedroom so your feet have a soft place to go when you wake up each day. Also, rugs make the room warmer and also visually cozier.

Ten Items You Need In Your BedroomChaos Rug by Emko.


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