Collection: Anja Stemmer

Anja Stemmer is a renowned contemporary artist with an impressive background. She switched from physics to management and works now as an independent fine artist. Self-taught, she studied privately with distinguished artists such as Peter Tomschiczek, Jo Bukowski, Peter Casagrande and Dietmar Wölfl.  

Her internationally recognized works are already represented outside Germany in private collections in the USA, Namibia, Switzerland and Austria. They have been shown in Germany as well as in England, Denmark and Austria in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her works have been exhibited at several contemporary art fairs including Art Innsbruck, Leipzig Art Fair, Art 3F Paris, AAF Brussels and others.

Her paintings derive their power from a mixture of untamed emotions, vivid colors and the superimposition of energetic painterly gestures. She paints in the tradition of Tachism, a current of abstract expressionism. Her abstract paintings bring joy, inspiration and confidence into your life and a positive atmosphere into your rooms. With her art, she encourages the viewer to find access to playful success and encourages him to tackle new things. Because the "eureka" moment can already be around the next corner.

“I want to create the setting for discussions about visionary ideas, inspire people to innovate and encourage them to believe in their dreams. Because you have to try the impossible to achieve the possible!” says Anja Stemmer about her vision and her motivation to create art. 

Anja Stemmer adds: “Discovering beauty in the greatest chaos and understanding seemingly mistakes as new opportunities - that is also the quintessence of my artistic work. Art is a journey of discovery into the world of unexplored possibilities: Trusting my intuition, I engage in the dance with chance. To be wide awake with all senses and to be completely present in every moment - this is what my artistic creative process requires. And my works also encourage the viewer to repeatedly take this piece of freedom for themselves.”