Collection: Arijel Štrukelj

ARIJEL ŠTRUKELJ was born in Šempeter pri Gorici - Slovenia.

Already creative as a child, as an adult, he first devoted himself to painting and worked for more than a decade in the restoration of historical monuments before he discovered sculpture for himself in 2009.He acquired his extensive knowledge of working with the materials of wood, stone, and metal through intensive self-study and through hard work.As he says himself, he feels the deepest connection to the material stone. The possibilities of texture and design are manifold.

The fascination of giving a new expression and language to this durable material, which has been shaped by the earth for centuries, as a sculptor is great. The center of his life is in Slovenia, he works a lot in Austria, Switzerland, and worldwide. Since 2012 he has participated in 28 sculpture symposiums in 14 countries on 4 different continents of the world. Not only does he have an impressive oeuvre of small sculptures, but he has also become established worldwide in the field of monumental sculpture.

The presentation of his works in public spaces is a matter close to his heart. By placing his sculptures in public space, he wants to bring his artistic work closer to people, especially those who do not visit galleries and museums. "My works live with the community, appear as a natural phenomenon in human intervention and thus fulfill their purpose as far as possible," he says. He takes his inspiration from nature, which he says is an inexhaustible source for him. In search of your laws and rhythms, his perception of space and time becomes more sensitive and focused. He tries to address the personally intimate and philosophically profound answers to the eternal analogy of life with his work.

The constant transition between nature and thinking of man, his inner feelings and state of mind, and the search for a parallel between these two motives are his starting points. The themes Arijel explores stem primarily from his own experiences, which he reflects on when life is in transition. Experiences that have been experienced by everyone in a general way one way or another. A series of sculptures entitled Soul Impact was created for this purpose. It describes the point in time when an individual has an incisive experience, positive or negative, and deals with how the individual deals with it. In the series Tension of life, he discusses the duality of human nature and illustrates man's imprisonment within himself through self-contained forms.