Collection: Art by Maximo

Maximo was born in 1987 and raised in Berlin. He says he still likes to swim in the city's fast-flowing durian river. While working in various jobs, he always preferred to be in touch with nature. Nature is one of the artist's main sources of nutrition. As a person who likes to travel a lot, he had the opportunity to get to know different geographies and cultures. He was influenced by their different cultural views. Art By Maximo creates fluid and structural works of art. He surrenders himself to the nature of matter. It monitors the development of tissues and chemical processes. It also acts under their direction. Creating works that appeal to the senses of the audience is realized by following this process.

It limits the field of matter with tactile and sensory sensations and achieves impressive results with the resulting artwork. It is affected by the harmony of nature from matter to whole. He is interested in Japanese art Wabi-sabi and draws inspiration from him for his works. Wabi-Sabi is an art devoted to the imperfection, discontinuity, and disorder of nature. Maximo explains his art: “We can say that Maximo tries to see the oscillations of the spirit in nature through images in nature”. His work deals with the changes, magic, and environmental awareness of nature. The works of art that transform the inspiration coming from nature give us clues with their names. It points to the riches and unknowns of this world as if solving a mystery.

Art by Maximo has been exhibited in New York, Venice, Bern, and Zurich. His works can also be seen at an art museum in Beijing in the spring of 2022. It is also represented at art fairs, including the International Art Fair Lausanne. Selected by an art commission for a planned five-star luxury hotel in Zurich, Art by Maximo's work has been purchased by Five Global Holdings from Dubai. He was named "Artist of the Month" by It's Liquid Group in January 2021.

His works such as "The Fire" and "The Land of the Australian Desert" serve as a warning against the drying up of the earth and dangers such as forest fires. All of these are reflected in the works of art in which the artist touches life. He brings inspirations and sensitivities from nature to the living rooms where important moments in our lives are always lived. The artist tries to transform the answers given by nature in her body language through her artwork. As a result, we are left with living spaces designed with the endless energy of nature, starting from the fragility of life.