Collection: Birgit Günther

Birgit Günther was born in 1962 in Ludwigsburg, BW. In Munich, at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prof. She went to study painting and interior design with Manfred Hollmann. She has lived and worked in Munich for over 35 years. In 2019, she gave up her long years of creative office work to devote herself entirely to painting.

Birgit Günther wants to encourage people to feel free and take unfamiliar paths. She feels the freedom to express herself freely in her work. Her works have been exhibited in national international solo and group exhibitions for six years with great success.

She draws inspiration for her paintings from hard work and careful observation of nature. Her figurative paintings are in abstract form and leave plenty of room for your perspective. She wants to express the diversity of color, form, depth, and movement in her paintings.

Birgit Günther wants to experiment, to create tension, irritation, and overlap. She uses different techniques, layers, and materials to do this. The entire color palette is available, used in a skillful, picturesque, and vivid way, reflecting her vivacity and determination.

She determines colors, surfaces, lines, and structures clearly and decisively. The resulting compositions are powerful and lively. The lightness in the paintings is created with a wide brush stroke. They are complex and allow many interpretations for the viewer. Motifs are abstract with a wide variety of materials such as sand, ash, marble dust, bitumen, and much more.

Günther's art should make people feel positive and joyful in what they do. The aim of the artist is for every person to be aware of their talents and to use them positively in their life.