Collection: Carmen Schlieker

"Painting is nothing more than a bridge that connects the mind of the painter with the mind of the viewer."This quote from the legendary romantic painter Delacroix opens some doors for us when we think about Carmen Schlieker's art. We can more easily access the clues to the artist's art.

Schlieker says: "My motto in life is: if you work, the knot will be loosened with time.  That means - I can do anything I want to do in my life.

Sometimes I think there are insurmountable obstacles ahead, but if I keep my eye on the goal, new doors suddenly open and insurmountable obstacles disappear."

The artist's view of life and her existence in life form the lowest layer of her paintings.

It allows the viewer's eye to get closer to the artist's emotional state. The emotional fragility of the artist is nothing more than the cracks in the human lifeline. The fact that she tries to show the emotional and intuitive instinct that can be in any human being is her paintings way to creates a bond between the artist and the audience.

This bond is enriched by the artistic line and makes the differences multiply. This harmonious togetherness is the product of a human-centered perspective.

This mystical approach to man is enriched by the way she describes her mysterious and perceptible aspects through art.

The reality, which seems to have a different language for each work, takes on meaningful forms the more it is absorbed in life. Fantastic beauty has created a secret language that permeates every work. A truly nurtured fantasy reality surrounds us.

That the paintings are so unrealistic yet vivid is a product of the artist's deep contemplation of art. Not all beauty can be understood at first glance.

What we feel with our senses is sincerely beautiful. Schlieker creates new works each time with her dynamic and highly rhythmic works that carry this look to the audience. Her carries us to different sensibilities as if she is building a bridge with her works. As the artist achieves her goal, the artwork continues its cycle in the universe.