Collection: Daniel Wille

Daniel was born in 1987 in Samara, Russia. He works as an artist and interior designer. He currently lives in Austria, however, Daniel Wille's paintings have been exhibited in the United States, Israel and Italy. He has also had his art appear in publications such as Art Signature Journal and the New York Gallery Guide. In addition to classical painting techniques, he uses his subconscious and intuition to try to make the presence of his compositions seem alive to the audience. He creates original works with acrylic and oil paints on cardboard, paper or canvas. Daniel Wille makes the following statement about his work: "With different objects, fabrics and textures, you can create something that you can touch to change it, something that is exposed to the environment, that is natural and ages, and that can revive the canvas. It has always been paradoxical for me to feel that impressionism is more alive compared to classical realism. I found the key to this answer in the alla prima technique: Emotion and admiration are immediately transferred to the canvas. That's why I try to create work as quickly as possible, so I don't have to wander off to another environment. To create a good painting, you have to live and survive it. Even if the painting is not finished, it will stimulate the viewer's imagination."

Antirealism is a new trend that the artist has developed recently. The name antirealism he gave himself. Its purpose is to extract figures and actions from frames by using surfaces, structures or objects and materials that mimic them. Here he can use fabrics, glass, earth, and dishes to bring an image to life. He reinforces it not as a painting technique, but with emotion.