Collection: Dodo Newman

Dodo was born in 1974 in Budapest, Hungary. Growing up in a diplomat family, she had the chance to experience long travels and cultural changes from an early age. The artist says: “A journey to myself, the colorful diversity of my life path made me who I am today. I experienced constant change and movement at an early age, adapting to different cultures, habits, and environments. I have lived in India, Iran, Hungary, Italy, England, the USA, France, Monaco, and in different cities around the world. Admiring and embracing the cultural mix, experiencing and discovering different tastes, Germany, they are the wonderful, endless colors and shades of life.”

In 2008, she had the chance to get to know countries with opposite poles such as India, Iran, Italy, England, and Hungary. She then felt a strong desire to live in high-energy Berlin. Although she had the opportunity to work and carry out projects in different countries, her main base was Berlin. She had big projects and big visions for Berlin to improve herself. She had a productive period in which she realized them. She had the opportunity to internalize art that includes cultural codes more closely, from individual works to gallery exhibitions and from there to larger global exhibitions. Awareness projects are the basis for her. She takes part in all kinds of activities that develop his art and vision. She can communicate directly with his knowledge of Hungarian, English, Italian, and German. She can be fed from different branches related to the cultural vision that feeds his art. Dodo Newman is a well-established internationally exhibited artist living in Berlin, Germany ever since. Her works in 2008 are a mirror of the cultural diversity of Turkey, where she lived as a child.

Dodo's works have also been exhibited and collected all over the world, including in Belgium. Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, the Principality of Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, the Netherlands, the UK, and the USA to name a few.

Dodo describes her art this way: “I chose art to inspire people and to make them see and feel different things. I chose to write and speak to reassure others in their dreams. To mobilize them to dare to re-imagine them. Movement, change goes hand in hand with my life path, the cycle of birth and death. Time and patience are dedicated to creating something new and dreams come true. Everything comes from this energy of creation, persistence, and confidence in it. My goal is to inspire people to stop for a moment, to feel different for a moment in time, to guide them. For them to go beyond the surface into their inner universe. I depict my inner world, layers of patterns, emotions and healings, closings and openings. In mine, you will recognize the movements of life, for we are all the same and interconnected. Whatever your physical form and background, we are there wherever you come from. It is connected through the inner universe. We may be different on the outside, but our inner world and the way it works connect us. This inner space unites us all.”