Collection: Enes Sağdıç

Enes Sağdıç was born in Como, Italy, in 1996 and his inclination towards art cannot be considered a coincidence. Sağdıç, who had the opportunity to experience the Italian passion for art at a young age, returned to Turkey in 2008. After graduating from Konya Cement College of Fine Arts, he went on to study painting at Selçuk University Faculty of Fine Arts in Prof. Dr. Ahmet Dalkıran's studio in 2018. Currently, he is continuing his master's degree in painting at the Institute of Social Sciences of Selçuk University. The artist, who has participated in more than 40 exhibitions and competitions, has received several awards. Sağdıç, who continues his work in his private studio in Konya, describes his thoughts on the art of painting as follows: "Man lives in political, economic, social, and cultural conflicts. These are the feelings, thoughts, and character of the individual. Therefore, it shapes man, the most perfect being on earth. The man remains under the influence of the world in which he lives. This situation is reflected in people's faces. The person I show in my portraits is not him, on the contrary, I show on the canvas the despair of the individual who lives with empty or meaningless looks on the colorful canvas, isolated with himself and in a social crisis."

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