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Hendrik Hackl

In his workshop, reminiscent of a natural history museum in Mannheim, Hendrik Hackl transforms million-year-old fossils into jewelry, wall objects, and sculptures, giving them a second chance. Hendrik Hackl has been working with million-year-old fossils, meteorites, and minerals for over 30 years. With his sculptures, reliefs, and wall sculptures he presents prehistoric finds, fallen celestial bodies, and mineral objects to the public and tells their little stories before Adam and Eve.

One day, when Hendrik Hackl was roaming the Moroccan Sahara with his Moroccan fossil hunter and dealer friend, they found some things on the ground in the hot Sahara desert. His friend tells him that these objects will change his life. These are dark brown and black fossilized "snails". His friend Rachid says they are 180 million-year-old ammonites, fossilized shells of squid. Hendrik Hackl is shocked by the numbers he hears. Later, when they cut the stones, their spiraling interiors were very colorful, each piece different from the other! The fascination was great and became even greater after polishing the surface of the fossilized life forms. At home, Hendrik Hackl immediately began to turn the fossils into jewelry. Thus, the artistic life with fossils begins.

Hendrik Hackl combines his fossils with a variety of natural materials that already have a certain charm. For example, the olive tree serves as a base for an ammonite sculpture. With its gnarled and flexible structure, the olive tree is the symbol of growth. Slate, petrified wood, or iron - Hendrik Hackl combines them and creates the perfect frame for each fossil. All materials used have one thing in common: they are solid, grown, unbroken, and durable.

He imports the fossils needed for artworks from mines in Madagascar and Germany, especially in the Swabian Alb - near Stuttgart. The artist sees each prehistoric find as a fossilized witness to the 3.5 billion year history of our human body and evolution. He places it at the center of his work, transforming it into a work of art - giving it a second, new life, so to speak.

Since 1989, the Mannheim sculptor has been working for millions of years - His artistic approach is defined by his craftsmanship. Broadly trained, he combines craft, design, art, and technology aesthetically in his wall sculptures, jewelry, and sculptures. His artistic fossil preparations also now have an easy reputation globally. "It is important to me to artistically implement this incredible fascination of history," he says - and with this, he also inspires other people who stand in amazement in front of his works. His works ennoble in a very original way the evolutionary history so that he adds little than the objects new, just different than known, arranged, edited, and thus defined.

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