Collection: Inez Froehlich

Inez Froehlich was born in Reichenbach in the Vogtland region and grew up in a family with an affinity for art, which laid the foundation for her later creative work quite early.

She began her artistic career in 2003, after graduating from the Technical University of Chemnitz and initially working in the private sector. While painting and photography were the counterbalance to her rather technically oriented professional career during these years, she took the plunge into the free artist life in 2003 and ambitiously exchanged the desk for the easel.

Regional exhibitions and the intensive exchange of experience with other artists gave her the necessary orientation at the beginning and, between praise and criticism, left her enough room to try out different styles, to learn how to handle a wide variety of materials and painting techniques, and to define her own distinctive style from this wealth of experience.

Along the way, the major international digital art platforms opened up access to a broad audience for her, and today many of her works can be found among art lovers and collectors in almost every part of the world. The creative competition with the contemporary artists represented there is a driving force to constantly redefine her own artistic goals. Stagnation is alien to her.

Today, in her studio she primarily produces abstract, large-format and textured paintings in acrylic. 

The focus in all works is on creating a tension between color and texture, between seeing and feeling, between emergence and decay. Inspiration for this are natural surfaces and structures, but also walls, floors, fences, roads and paths, forgotten objects, lost places that show the traces of time and that in their transience remind us of the beauty of the moment. 

Details to be discovered, the coherent and the disjointed, the perfect in the imperfect, this is found in her detailed and multi-layered works, offering the viewer a body of work that can be reinterpreted again and again. 

Impression and expression, spontaneity and permanence, experiment and experience, plus canvases, brushes, palette knives, impasto paints, glazes, ink, chalk, marble powder, sand, fabric - these are all the ingredients from which she creates distinctive and atmospheric images by applying layers of paint, working on them, blurring them, watering them down and creating new ones again. In the versatile process of creation lies at the same time the unpredictable outcome of the work.