Collection: Jonas Pehrsson

Jonas Pehrsson was born in 1971. He is an autodidact who paints both abstract and figurative paintings. He lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. The interesting approaches of the artist, who distills art from his own life experience, are manifested in the sharpness and realistic contours of his painting.

Pehrsson's portraits are direct and with evident fragility, but beneath the layers of paint, the ambiguities of the facial features can be discovered and the beauty plunged into complete despair. Exciting contrasts are created by mixing soft and thin with raw peeled meat. The effect is quite dirty.

Pehrsson's art examines what happens when you remove self-awareness from the creative process to allow more honest expression. His art captures many emotions and often triggers strong reactions in the audience. The artist says the following about the art-making processes:

“My work is a rapid internal process. When I paint, I am completely in the present and my world. I do not have any rules in my painting, but I do whatever feels right to me at the moment. I believe that thinking too much can destroy originality. My portraits are not about realism, perfection, gender, or race.” Jonas Pehrsson says of his portraits: "They try to capture qualities and emotions that are often overlooked." Pehrsson's artistic tendency, which focuses on expression, causes him to handle the portrait perfectly and bring it to an artistic style. The artistic expression form the artist developed on portraits achieves expressive approaches. This ensures that his effect on the audience is solid. Pehrsson's character is reflected in his paintings. The fact that his signature is permanent in his paintings increases his passion for painting even more.