Collection: Katharina Mörth

Born in Munich, she has lived in Vienna for over 20 years. Her works can be found worldwide in various sculpture parks and public spaces. She developed her passion for creative work as a child. Katharina Mörth acquired her broad spectrum of techniques both during her training as a wood sculptor in Munich and during her studies of painting and graphic arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Katharina Mörth is a sculptor with passion and forms up to life-size sculptures in metal, wood, and stone. In addition to her main sculptural work, she also creates two-dimensional works. "For me, art is about engagement, process, empathy, and sometimes struggle," Mörth emphasizes.

She is an artist who knows her media and knows how to master her craft, who is not satisfied with what exists but always explores boundaries - of what can be represented as well as of the material. She is a sculptor who works on the body, skin, and surroundings, on the inside and outside, and has found her strongest motif in the cocoon, as a symbol of protection and transformation, but also of confinement or loneliness. She is a photographer, painter, and draftswoman who blurs different media into one another through layering and structure in fascinating luminous objects. The result is an oeuvre in which there is truly much to discover. You just have to get involved with it. The artist works intuitively, feels her way into her material, and in the many years of her work has developed a consistent formal language with anthropomorphic and vegetative echoes. It is impressive what hard materials and large volumes the artist can work with physical effort, without this effort is visible in the finished works. With curved lines and smooth surfaces, cocoon-like formations, net-like structures, and organically striving ramifications, Mörth shapes the material according to her ideas and wishes.