Collection: Miriam Smidt

Miriam Smidt was born and raised on the East Frisian coast. His unique, fluid painting style testifies to the artist's closeness to water. She creates incredible color transitions and shapes with her flow technique. His moving works, brilliance, transparency, and lightness, and his paintings exist with endless energy.

After taking a break from his profession as a social scientist and writer due to the personal discomfort of fate, Smidt's works, which have been painting professionally since 2018, focus on the intertwining of the individual with temporality, while continuing his profession as a social scientist and writer. His view of social factual events contributes to the real face of his painting. He studies the oscillations of time and movement on the canvas surface in a process-oriented manner. The resulting results directly contribute to the improvisational creative experience. She is trying to combine theory and practice in her art.

The artist summarizes his experience while painting as follows: "After I applied motion-dynamic paint, the inks develop a life of their own, emerge with graceful movements and occupy space effortlessly. During the day-long drying process, I melt completely into the smoothness of color radians. I support or limit its flow. I am always aware that my influence on the stubborn element of water is limited."

The artist's presence in the creative process is also temporary - water can expand and complete their movement or destroy them. When the water evaporates, their movements give way to their static image. The transparency of the colors evokes its past presence, but their brilliance and sparkle confidently point forward. Smidt; “The interfaces between memory, reflection, retrospect, and appearance are fascinating,” he says. High-level perspectives, in which painting is conceived as a journey of memory, always deepen the artist's search for the unlimited possibilities of painting. It makes him question what he wants to do. You witness how the surface of the painting is overflowing with image variations. This indicates the existence of a constantly working force of thought in the background. The power of thought plays a role in creating images and then it allows us to grasp the existence of a substance that is constantly transformed like water by being caught in its nature.

The dynamics of Miriam Smidt's workflow endlessly through space and time. It goes back to the present time of observation, where it remains an obituary of the movements of the creative process.