Collection: Modern Vintage

Bean modular sofa combines simple design with functionality.

Naïve side table is designed to become the sweetest and warmest part of your space, while Naïve Ottoman which is placed in front of the radiator is soft, comfortable, and welcoming. Located next to Naïve Ottoman, Lucerna creates an atmosphere that will bring the clean and cool air of the outside into your home.

Piccolo Ceiling Lamp has the potential to turn all sweet encounters into eternal memories. With Piccolo Table Lamp, you can design the corner you want with a variety of colors and fill your room with the energy of the color you want.

Chaos linen rug brings the light of wisdom and joy of life into your home. We complete the decoration of the room with Birgit Günther's painting called “Shooting Star”. The night sky is blue and dark, but upon closer inspection, there are many shades of blue.