Collection: Nadine Bovenkamp

Nadine Bovenkamp is a promising artist from Regensburg. Art has been an important part of her life since childhood. Through art, she has managed to get rid of the negative emotions of her father's early loss. Nadine Bovenkamp is an independent artist working with "Bovka Painting" since 2020. Bovenkamp believes that the challenges of being a female artist are just as much as women working in other fields. She shows us an example that as a woman artist, her art should be given importance, that she does not want to be noticed as a woman, and that she does not even share photos on social media. The artist seeks answers to life with bursts of emotion appropriate to the movement of the world. The happy, joyful, and loving moments of life can make us feel as alive as the emotional outbursts and escape syndromes in daily life. No one can claim that the explosions at the beginning of life were physiological, the Macrocosm was the explosion that brought life into existence. Art finds meaning in response to this creative power of the universe. The artist serves as a resource that explores her quests, the emotional and emotional secrets of the vacuum of space, and its effects on human life. This sophisticated and attractive atmosphere is felt in all of the works of the artist, who developed spirituality to perceive the third dimension in her life.