Collection: Sabine Rudolph

On dark grounds - these are for Sabine Rudolph the most important features of her image motifs. She lives and works in Kronberg near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She completed her artistic education at the Neue Kunstschule in Zurich (1994-1997); the Freie Kunstschule Wiesbaden (2006-2008) with a focus on composition, color theory, synthetic drawing, technique of painting, including the study of the technique of old masters; several courses for nude drawing at the Städelschule, Academy of Fine Arts in Frankfurt am Main, (last in the summer of 2009).

Sabine Rudolph has been working with portraits for years. Her last major solo exhibitions focused on facial expressions and gestures, for which she was able to recruit graduates of the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt am Main as models. Pensiveness and poetry become visible in her works. Light, light reflections, even special structures, and lines inspire her. Transience is a recurring theme. Her portraits show a certain introversion. The visual language is restrained and elegant. She paints photo-realistically and prefers black backgrounds. 

Sabine Rudolph executes the large-format drawings with a brush and finely ground pastel paint on black cardboard. In her painting, she mostly uses white oil paint on black canvases. She also uses spray and stencils from time to time. In all techniques, the basis of her self-made photo templates, which she changes on the computer to the desired depth, from which light and shadow stand out clearly. In addition, she experiments digitally with superimpositions and juxtapositions. She changes her own photographs until surprising pictorial worlds become visible. Working on the computer takes up more and more space in her artistic forms of expression. This increases her courage of abstraction and makes her freer in dealing with forms and colors.

Since 2007 she has shown her works in numerous solo and group exhibitions. She recently had solo exhibitions in Athens, Wiesbaden and Vienna. She sells her paintings internationally: private collections of her work are located in

Ballarat (Australia); Vienna (Austria); Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart (Germany); London (UK); Zofingen (Switzerland); Nashua New Hampshire, Aurora IL, Denver CO, Los Angeles California, Sheffield Lake, Ohio; Bothell, Washington; New York; Sugar Land, Texas (USA); Budapest (Hungary), among others.