Collection: Thomas Steyer

Thomas Steyer was born in Berlin in 1955. He studied at HdK Berlin and moved to London to complete his BA at Chelsea School of Art. After a ten year career as a painter he decided to become a freelance illustrator and then emigrated from London to Sydney. There he led a two-pronged life, because illustrating for the advertising industry had given him a foothold and painting had remained his passion. Twenty-seven years later, after numerous exhibitions and countless illustrations, he returned to Germany to settle in the south-west near Freiburg. Steyer has since retired as an illustrator but has taken off again as a painter. He regularly exhibits his work and sells it through various online galleries around the world. 

Here is what the artist says about his work: “Painting doesn't always come easy for me. Every now and then when I try to express something, it ends up looking like something completely different. It may be a mood, an experience, maybe a vague idea how to make the world a better place. Then I build an emotional connection directly to the work, hate it, approach it with destructive anger until suddenly something exciting emerges that fascinates me. In the end it has less to do with the original goal and more to do with my real condition. Other times I succeed in creating gems when I realize early on that some shades don't go together at all, nevertheless reflect harmony, or, if you like, aesthetic disharmony. I can never say how long it takes me to paint a picture, because the process often involves a lot of detours. I can't find a method for my work process and I don't look for one either. Every painting has something that is unique.”