Collection: Val Wecerka

Val Wecerka is a freelance artist. The origin of her art lies in painting and tapestry, with her recent works she dives into the world of the abstract. Her art is composed at an intersection between art and technology. In this context, multimediality is an essential feature. Materials from nature, such as wood, cotton and paper are often present. The definition of home, human encounters and interactions are some of the stories told in the artist's works.

As a native Bulgarian, it took her a little while to feel at home in Austria in the 90’s and to absorb the quirks of the Viennese way of life. This theme was the beginning of her artistic work and is still one that she returns to again and again. Specifically, the question of communication with her homeland and thus with the outside world. This is also how her series "ungeschriebene Briefe" (unwritten letters) came into being. Here she attempted to document the disruption of contact, or rather the maintenance of contact, with her homeland. Which at that time consisted only of letters between her parents and her. How do you deal with it, when the things which in real life happen between the lines, can no longer come to the surface? When you really only have the lines on paper. Other peoples' correspondence has also inspired her a lot over the years. They allow you to dive into the mind of another person. Sometimes she thinks she can read between the lines.

The central theme of her work is "What does Home mean?" or "Is there a Home?". Letters and newspapers from days gone by are part of our history and identity. These witnesses are also of frightening actuality.

In her Series, "What is home", "(Un) written letters", "Pale Blue Ink in a Lady's Hand”, she tries to edit, process and implement this artistically.

She studies at the National Art College in Sliven, Bulgaria, where she studied Textile. After 3 years of attending a Collage for fashion and design in Vienna she turned back to painting and graduated with praise -summa cum laude. This was followed by studies of Textiles in which she did continue to practice as a designer. At the same time (parallel to the abstract) countless figurative pictures were painted and tapestries, which she had woven, or knotted all by herself. Since 2013, she had completely dedicated her whole work to abstract painting. The theme her images are strongly influenced is the distance from family and friends. In the beginning there were a series of abstract images her, so called unwritten letters, which slowly dissolved into geometric shapes. Rather than one single working style, her practice covers an entire spectrum of topics and forms, from figurative to abstract and ornamental, holding a keen interest in experimenting with different materials to express ideas. She has been nominated two times for the well-known Austrian Strabag Art Award. In 2016 and 2018 she was also longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize, United Kingdom and 2019 her work “Image 2 through the pink glasses” has been selected to participate in the final round of Art Olympia Competition 2019 in Tokyo and it was exhibited in The Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo / Japan.