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by Woodendot

Cloe Shelf


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Woodendot, an important name for a minimalist style that creates different and timeless spaces designed to live in harmony, produces designs that are suitable for everyone and take life seriously. It has smooth, sharp and stable lines for people who have no time to waste. The designs, which prioritise functionality, are free from exaggeration and unnecessary details. The softness of the wood also emphasizes the function, turning it into cabinet and storage space. These designs for insufficient light areas have solved the light issue. The light source energising life gives you a lively, vibrant atmosphere on smooth objects. Taking home seriously is the biggest key to success. Cloe Shelf offers dynamic, clear designs with the intention of using the home in many ways. The complete neutral use of colors in accordance with the design relaxes the eye. In some of the standout pieces, colour is freely spread throughout the space. White is the main colour of these designs, it does not trap the light but tries to spread it throughout the house.

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48 x 90 x 19-25 (h)

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Solid Oak Wood Structure and Legs with Reversible Wooden Doors.

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