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by Woodendot

Cloe Tv Stand


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For Woodendot, the TV stand is a simpler designed TV unit rather than a flashy piece. In these pieces, where simplicity is at the forefront and functionality is dominant, every detail that tires the eyes is avoided since the only purpose is to watch TV with pleasure. Minimalism, as long as it makes sense in all wooden products, is in effect, blessing your home with all its naturalness.  With a sacred depth, an elegant image is combined with determination in the decoration. All the equipment is provided to turn a home into work whenever you want. Every corner of your home turns into a pleasure spots. Many pleasure spots welcome you at every point of your home with their fine lines and ingenious solutions. The joy you will experience when each piece forms a whole is insatiable. It is the life energy that fills a style, Woodendots is full of that energy. 

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160 x 38 x 49 (h)

Delivery within 10 working days.

Solid Oak Wood Structure and Legs with Reversible Lacquered Metal Doors.

WOODENDOT grants a guarantee of 2 years from the time the products were purchased. WOODENDOT does not accept any responsibility for defects derived from the wrong use or undue handling of the products, and only accepts returns due to manufacturing defects.
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The returned product must be in perfect condition, it must not have been used and must be returned in the original packaging. The cost will be refunded to you by the same form of payment selected and the shipping costs incurred from the return will be deducted unless the return is made by your own means.

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