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by Kaissu

Consol Table Ehe


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Console Table Ehe stands before us like a wooden sculpture with its clear design. You could never have thought of a table with so much design and art. Beyond its storage and protection functions, it opens a window to your home. When you strain your imagination for these designs that give pleasure and pleasure as if you are in the middle of a feast where the natural and the organic are blessed, many more things will come to your mind. It awaits you wherever you want with an artistic language that is poetic and symbolic. These magnificent pieces, which pull the house to itself and make it their own space, the moment they enter without doing anything, without embarking on a decoration job, are glad they exist and they are changing houses. As the houses change, they will become a more beautiful place in life.

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Width 120 x depth 28 x height 75 cm
Made of 19 mm solid oak
The drawer moves on quietly closing metal rails
Finished with wood oil
Black metal legs, H 20 cm

8 to 10 weeks

The product is delivered and assembled. Only legs need to be added.
The wood grain and therefore pattern and color tone of natural wood furniture may vary, as well as the existence and number of different spots and stripes. They make the product unique and should not be considered defects.

5 years warranty. If the air humidity in the living room falls below 40% during the winter/heating season, the guaranteed conditions for the bed do not apply. To prevent this, we recommend regularly checking the humidity on the premises and using a humidifier if necessary.

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