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If we compare the meeting moments of pleasure and joy to a puzzle, each piece of this puzzle has different importance and forms a whole. If they work collaboratively together, amazing results will emerge. Dot tables are one of the important parts that ensure the continuation of this pleasure. A decorative and linear design awaits you under a flat table surface. You are embarking on a pleasant and entertaining journey with Dot, as if you were taking a trip for your eyes. As an assertive part of interior design, the Dot collection makes itself felt wherever it enters. It is a piece that will provide elegance in a cafe or hotel. Dot, as the name suggests, is suitable for clear and precise decisions. It is ideal for displaying upright and serious content in your meetings, and family conversations. Dot is not only a helper at work or at home but also a supporter of all kinds of feelings and thoughts with the atmosphere it creates. It brings the good energies in while bringing the bad energies out. You can decorate it with the piece you want with color and size options. It is a harmonious and mobile model. You can expect everything you could expect from a coffee table from Dot, and you can add color to your life with the same good feelings.

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DOT Small
L 400 mm
W450 mm
H 450mm

5 mm thick tabletop

DOT Large
L 550 mm
W700 mm
H 350 mm

5 mm thick tabletop

Delivery time: 2-4 working days.
Out of stock 4 weeks.

The DOT collection consists of two side tables of different dimension and colours, which can be combined or used separately, depending on any given space. Their recognisable character is achieved by the metal understructure, which is topped by an aluminium plate. The DOT side tables are meant to be the continuation of the Grupa collection of lighting fixtures, sharing their visual style and character.

The warranty for products is valid for 2 years from the moment of the purchase.

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