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by Belize & Mar

Eliotte Rattan Bar Stool


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Eliotte Bar chair has been designed in a more modern and original line by moving rattan away from its taken-for-granted orientalist atmosphere. If you are one of those who adopt the Mediterranean, bohemian, or Japandi style at home, Eliotte is just for you. Despite all the sophisticated designs that Eliotte inspired, it createdits style. It carries all the lightness and sincerity of being an integral part of decoration with a free spirit. Eliotte Rattan Bar Stool is for you if you want to incorporate the movement, vitality, and motivation that add meaning to life into your life. You can best reflect the sincerity and sincerity in your lifestyle by combining it with simplicity. 100% handcrafted using first-class imported bamboo materials. Eliotte is the cutest and smartest piece of the collection with its small, naive style.

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Elliotte Bar Stool brings you the rattan with a more modernized and free soul, other than todays orientalist concept. If you are among the lucky ones who adopted the mediterranean, bohemian or japandi lifestyle in their living spaces, Elliotte bar stool is the one you are looking for.

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