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by Fogher

FKC 006


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Fogher's owner, Deimos, was founded 25 years ago. Its experience in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning enabled him to make room for himself in terms of engineering. When engineering experience in the field of air conditioning is combined with aesthetics and culinary culture, great results emerge. Fogher's machines are produced with the motto of perfectionism visually and functionally. The kitchen concept, on the other hand, is formed in a minimalist style. Simplicity and function go hand in hand. Year after year, Fogher developed this product concept, drawing inspiration from the experience of the past and the aesthetic culture. After all, one of our oldest habits, baking, has reached this level by putting hundreds of bricks on top of one brick. Therefore, this flawless, striking image that the eye sees once is a sign of civilization with deep roots. In the lifestyles where we observe human achievements, kitchen technology most clearly explains this success to you. The modular kitchen system consists of various units such as a sink, fridge, induction cooktop, corner, fireplace, and smoker units.

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