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by Miriam Smidt

Funfair Feels


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You can witness that bright paints, moving and emphatic touches start a dance in this painting. It combines the oscillation of the universe with the emotional movements of the human being and shouts a symphonic unity into your ear. Contemporary works, in which colors are handled with an abstract expressionist effect, add movement to your home life and take ordinary and repetitive boringness out of the house. It combines its place with a natural mechanism where clean, passionate emotions trigger your imagination and artworks in perfect harmony. When we consider nature individually, its universal contributions give life to our body and soul. You can find a reflection of the extraordinary forms and the emotions that trigger you in every moment of your life. The contributions of a high-level spirituality to existence, in which there is no passage from the emotions to the mind, are endless. This painting has a claim that can take all the expressions of the cosmos from top to bottom and go to a new birth with it. It is like trying to recount a cheerfully written letter in a happy song. He constructs a philosophy of life that always associates creative thinking with balance, where you can find hints of an abstract and deep philosophy that represents the moments of enthusiasm of positive emotions and the beautiful aspects of life. Whenever you think of painting as signs of life and mind rather than an ordinary surface, be prepared for creative stories and capturing joyful moments every time.

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Funfair Feels
Technique: Material inks, Mixed media on canvas
Size: 100 x 150 cm.

8 to 10 days within the EU

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