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by Oleant

Infinity In White


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Infinity knows how to affect the soul of a person as well as its physical structure, which symbolizes eternity. The feeling that a light source lasts forever makes us feel good. Beyond being a light tool that re-plans the atmosphere of the house, it is also an energy source that meets our spiritual needs. It has the grace and sobriety that will begin to tell us as wise men the whole story of humanity. While Infinity shapes every space it is in, it also gives art lessons to the user with its aesthetic side. It has internal equipment that will make you feel good for your eyes and evoke feelings that will be good for you. Infinity is a piece dedicated to the experience. You will have different feelings and thoughts each time you try this creative design, which can be encountered several times in one's life.

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Profile dimensions: 27x30mm.

Shipping time is 5 weeks.

Materials: Aluminium frame, Policarbonate diffuser.
Light Direction: Down.
LED Life: 50 000 hrs L80/B30.
Protection: IP20 (contact us for other requirements)
Certifications: CE, RoHS.

Warranty and returns: 1+4 years, Customized items policy.

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