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by Wencke Uhl



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Feminine expression is at the forefront in “Invisible”. The female figure indicates the truth behind the visible with an inner expression. The contrast of colors with each other in a colorist style reveals the dramatic structure of the painting. Frustration, loneliness, and the negative effects of life are seen in the facial details of the female figure. The painting is a figure painting in terms of plastic, and it has been correctly constructed with its smooth forms and the effect it evokes. From the part to the whole, each part is composed within itself. The pink color and wrinkled depiction of the fabric on the bed represent the psychology of the sitting model, while at the same time showing the artist's inclination towards fashion and the use of textiles in her art. When you move your eyes to the background a little bit, you come across a woman imprisoned in a cave. What is inside the invisible woman and what she is experiencing? Painting is a work of art that is hard to forget and manages to construct the inner world of women in a very simple and effective way. The artist knows very well how to construct a mysterious composition that is open to interpretation by constructing the emotions and thoughts of the model, which she focuses on, with expressive tools.

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“Invisible”, 2021, Acrylic on high-quality canvas stretcher, 70 x 90 cm.
Original painting. The sides are painted and it's ready to hang.

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