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by Gabriele Melzer

Kleine Herbstgeschichten in meinen Gedanken


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Gabriele Melzer's stories carry strong inspirations and thanks to these inspirations, you hear the gifts of life in your own body and soul, and you begin to live. To describe the effect in Melzer's paintings is the result of an imaginary effect beyond words. In a wide thinking universe, images change, transform and go beyond what appears as beings of different richness. The little stories of these works, which will offer new experiences to people who do not see life as matter and strive to nourish their spirituality, are strong and dense enough to tell the infinity of the universe. The inspiration that the name of the table gives to the person can establish direct connections. The most important thing is that the viewer can walk on this painting with its associations. Each work of art takes the person on a journey connected with themselves. Melzer is an insightful guide on this journey. She contains realities that speak through her work and remind you of the sublime with what she says and brings you together with creative facts. The work is a space free from all names and the history of art, which can only join your abstract imagination, can move forward with your imagination, and is open to new identities and new dialogues. Filling this space with the beauties of life and expressing our gratitude to it always enables us to exist with a sense of responsibility for life. We are starting to learn how to add a creative dimension to what we do with ourselves.

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Mixed media: acrylic/pigments/pastel chalk, finish varnish, a mixed media for variety, layers of color for depth and warm gold for intensity.
100 x 100 cm and 3.8 cm thick.

8 to 10 days within the EU

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