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by Oleant

Lucerna Pura


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Do you remember wishing that a light would shine on an area you want and that light would never go out? This may sound poetic, but it's the first thing life needs. Lucerna, which directs your vision in the best way and plays a beautiful game with the light, is exactly the light source you are looking for. Lucerna recreates nature's light to shape your homes. Lucerna's poetic connotations complement its functional and indispensable features. The tiring of life, relaxing; it solves its difficulties by leaving a playful taste. With Lucerna, which has various sizes, you can combine it according to your belongings. We witness to a completely architectural accessory that you can decorate according to the place you want. While doing the lighting, which is the most important function of architecture, it also manages to decorate the house in a different and eye-catching style. Lucerna Pura manages to stand out with its style and makes spaces lively and dynamic.

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Profile dimensions: ⌀40mm

Shipping time is 1 week.

Materials: Aluminium frame, Policarbonate diffuser
LED Life: 50 000 hrs L80/B30
Protection: IP20 (contact us for other requirements)
Certifications: CE, RoHS

Warranty and returns: 2 years

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