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Marseille Niche


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The product, inspired by the Mediterranean, is made of wood and shaped by hand. You can decorate this shelf, which has a stone texture, as a niche on your walls. There is no obstacle to creating a corner in your home with Marseille niches. It is a piece created with the spirit of decoration, triggering creative power with its artistic effect. Marseille Niche brings the classical influence of the niche architectural element to a modern face. Marseille Niche is a design that has very well experienced the universal effects of the Mediterranean spreading around the world. Its plain and plain lines create completely original and natural forms. You witness the rebirth of a city in a room. Its inspiring effect provides a motivating effect for efficient and peaceful lives. The pinnacle of craftsmanship will remain a classic forever. Marseille Niche is an important piece that contributes to the spirit of your home. The eye knows what it wants to say, Marseille Niche correctly conducts its communication with the eye. You will never encounter a glitched or absent image. The relevant apparatus for hanging the product is sent with the product. It is shaped by hand from wooden material. It has a stone texture with textured paint applied to it. 

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Marseille is specially designed and inspired by the Mediterranean organic form. You can use and decorate this shelf on your walls as a stunning arch. This arch shelf is shaped in hand from wood. Hardware for mounting comes with the product.

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