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by Nobonobo

Pouf Modo


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The Pouf Modo is both comfortable and practical. This design, which immediately wins the hearts of modern design enthusiasts, blends in with every piece in your home. The nature of the pouf, which reflects the free and comfortable spirit, could not be explained better than this. Quality in fabric details, mastery in craftsmanship, and pastel color choices make Modo the most fashionable and eye-catching piece of the house. He realizes a proposition of the kind called "it is indescribable, it can be experienced". Puf Modo always highlights life experience and action. Thanks to Pouf Modo, every detail of which is carefully planned, your home gets a warm and bohemian concept. How you live your evenings is entirely your choice. He is with you in any change you want. You can combine it in any way, depending on the type of season, you can use it outdoors or indoors. No one does not like poufs, but Puff Modo puts its signature on this taste, making it an original design and giving it a new identity.

Choose your fabric according to the spirit of your home:

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Technical information Pouf MODO (mm)
Total high 1000
Total widths 1100
Total depth 900

Delivered in min 60 days.


The guarantee period amounts to 24 months.

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