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by Nyta

Pretty Long


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The use of a lamp in the kitchen, one of your favorite places in your home, shows that these lamps are important for small but important spaces. Cuteness and sweetness are in Nyta's nature. With its form resembling a witch's hat, it is a piece that will keep the minds busy for a long time. It has everything you would expect from naivety and functional design. Pretty Long is a flamboyant piece with its length. It is the architect of the most valuable corners of your home. Far from exaggeration, it is a piece that is admired for its part that does its job. You can't predict how much a lamp will change a home. Thanks to Pretty Long's colorful and animated form, it will have a refreshing effect on your soul.

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Materials: Steel w/ matt or glossy finish
Cord: Cloth-covered, 3 or 5 meters (ca. 10 or 16,5 ft.)
Ceiling canopy: Plastic
Light source: E27, max. 40W
Dimensions: H: 33.7cm / 13.3in, Ø: 16.4cm / 6.5in
Weight:1kg / 35oz

2-4 days
6 weeks if out of stock

A family of three distinct types of luminaires, all of them beautifully waisted. The softly flowing yet clear lines of the metal lampshades have been artfully crafted from a single piece of material.
“Pretty wide” emits an open and direct kind of light; “Pretty long” focuses the light to a clean and narrow cone; “Pretty small” is the smaller, classic variety. The light effect of the lampshades may vary according to their finish: a mat white produces a soft light, while a mat black emits a brilliant variety.

The guarantee period amounts to 24 months

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