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by Nyta

Pretty Small


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This playful piece by Nyta is both a small and cute part of your home. It will illuminate every place you put in your spaces and make that point a center of attraction. The harmony of its form and color changes the atmosphere in space. It is a sophisticated accessory that allows you to focus on it. You can use it as a complementary item in the lighting of any room you want, it will give you an insatiable evening. When you enter your house, you will realize that you are not buying cute lighting, but you are bringing a power source that changes the whole place with its charisma. Things have souls. Pretty Small is a social and cheerful friend who can share this spirit with everyone. Just because it's small doesn't mean it's less effective. On the contrary, the light it emits varies according to the bulb.

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Materials: Steel w/ matt or glossy finish
Cord: Coth-covered, 3 or 5 meters (ca. 10 or 16,5 ft.)
Ceiling canopy: Plastic
Light source: E 14, max. 40W
Dimensions: H: 18.1cm / 7.1in, Ø: 16.4cm / 6.5in
Weight: 0.6kg / 21oz

2-4 days
6 weeks if out of stock

A family of three distinct types of luminaires, all of them beautifully waisted. The softly flowing yet clear lines of the metal lampshades have been artfully crafted from a single piece of material.
“Pretty wide” emits an open and direct kind of light; “Pretty long” focuses the light to a clean and narrow cone; “Pretty small” is the smaller, classic variety. The light effect of the lampshades may vary according to their finish: a mat white produces a soft light, while a mat black emits a brilliant variety.

The guarantee period amounts to 24 months

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