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by Oleant

Quad Down Black


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We can symbolize the Oleant family with Quad. Bringing seriousness and elegance to the space with its rectangular form, Quad has multidimensional and multifunctional features. You have not come across such a beautiful quadrilateral form before. A quadrilateral could be shaped so beautifully and given meaning. Being the most permanent part of a place, it increases the energy of your business meetings and invitations. Therefore, it becomes an indispensable element. You start to enjoy the moment, you start to stay in the moment with Quad's aesthetics, and you start to enjoy every job you do. You will always feel the effect of the sun's linear rays in your space. The rays of the Quad will reflect on you like happiness, joy, and health. It will add a different atmosphere to every room, suitable for all tastes, with its nine color options. Quad Down is ideal for areas that require direct lighting or will be accentuated, such as a dining room table or conference area.

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Profile dimensions: 30x27mm.

Shipping time is 5 weeks.

Materials: Aluminium frame, Policarbonate diffuser.
Light Direction: Down.
LED Life: 50 000 hrs L80/B30.
Protection: IP20 (contact us for other requirements)
Certifications: CE, RoHS.

Warranty and returns: 1+4 years, Customized items policy.

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