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by Nobonobo

Sofa Paradise


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Paradise is a modern sofa that combines luxury and elegance. Those who appreciate comfort will like it. Its deep seat combined with its soft, feather backrest pillows, guarantees the best relaxation and leisure. The sofa is supported on solid oak wood legs, synonymous with strength and durability. Such a solution gives the sofa its lightness and delicate form. Paradise is a timeless model, perfect both for classical and modern rooms. We are faced with a design that you will not easily forget. All the extraordinary features of this magnificent and sparkling collection piece that can adorn palaces are emphasized by the designer with thick lines. These pieces, in which the designers reflect not only their function but also their artistic stance, impress with the dazzling brilliance of their colors. We are faced with warm images of a dream of paradise. It is a sudden image that reminds you of summer days when you suddenly wake up while running through the flowery gardens of heaven in your dream. It is thought that real life has nothing to do with heaven. Paradise is the number one interior design as a sofa set, reminiscent of paradise and symbolizing abundance and fertility. Paradise is a modern sofa that combines luxury and elegance. Paradise Natural Oak is produced in two types brown and black. Paradise is a timeless model perfect for both classic and modern rooms.

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Sofa 1: 1740x990mm
Sofa 2: 2040x990mm
Sofa 3: 2440x990mm

Total high 870mm
Seat height 400mm
Legs height 165mm
Seat depth 700mm
Armrest width 80mm

Price includes pillows.

Delivered in min 60 days.


Flexible stripes
SoftLayersTM system – a composition of specially selected flexible foams to ensure the best comfort selected natural feathers of high elasticity class/possible replacement with anti-alergic filling

selected natural feathers of high elasticity class/
possible replacement with anti-alergic filling.

-Pillows included in price.

Oak Wood

The guarantee period amounts to 24 months.

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