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by Arijel Strukelj

Soul Impact


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Arijel processes both marble and the hardest granite with intense effort. He splits, cuts, and grinds the stone until it has the desired basic shape.

After careful adjustment and dowelling of the individual elements, the materials bronze and stone or two different types of stone are permanently connected with a special epoxy resin.

The workpiece is then processed until a uniform shape is created without a visible transition between the different materials. Finally, the sculpture is given an individual texture or polished by hand before it is mounted on a base.


In many religious, philosophical and mythological traditions, there is a belief in the disembodied essence of a living being called the soul. The soul is the pillar of our life. Our souls are fragile and powerful at the same time. Therefore, they deserve a lot of care which we usually forget.

The soul is represented as the main pillar of my sculpture. Every soul gets many cuts in life from all sides and reasons. In the past, people lived their lives purely. Nature had a great influence on our souls. Now, in this time when we live to survive, we forget our natural roots and our history which is the basis of humanity. The effects on our souls still come from our day-to-day tensions in life. The way cuts change our lives

depends on our behavior when they happen.

The incisions are represented in my sculpture as stretched openings going in both directions, showing our naked souls. You know when a drastic experience is happening because it opens a part of your soul that you have long forgotten or have never experienced before.

When we work outside, we are connected to our feelings and nature. In this way, we stimulate our instincts, which are deeply anchored in our souls, so that we should never forget ourselves. From the events of the past, we should learn not to make the same mistakes again and build our future smarter and stronger than ever. Our soul makes us unique.

The soul is the beauty of life...

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Soul Impact, 2019

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