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Stand Bathtub


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It is always better to come up with exciting and more exotic designs rather than having a standard look for bathtubs. The design created by Norm Architects resembles the orientalist interior depictions in neoclassical paintings. This unusual tub is reminiscent of the oriental baths, with both functionality and its glorification of bath culture. With its fine lines and striking details, your bathing pleasure will reach the next level when the inner dynamism meets the water. It is installed in the bathroom as a rest area that belongs only to you, to create the pleasure of bathing from the past to the present. For this reason, it adopts a principle to stay away from excess and exaggeration and to act following the nature of the bathroom. Bathrooms, which are the key to a healthy and enjoyable life, gain meaning with the parts inside. It aims to connect to live more passionately and energetically with the reflections it receives from you. The transformation of a voluminous round into a stylish design is achieved with small details. The elegance of the thin gold and silver metal legs that make up the foot part of the tub emphasizes the atmosphere of a one-time production for every user.

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Bathtub: W: 160 x H: 51 x D: 70 cm
Tap: 26.7x32x18 cm

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It is sold together as a concept, including a tap and bathtub.

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