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by CPS Steampunk

The Steam Toaster


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This object, which dates back to 1940, as I found out during my subsequent research, is a so-called folding toaster from the Grossag company. This type of toaster was already revolutionary in its way, as it was now possible to toast your toast at the breakfast table, with the degree of browning you preferred. The big disadvantage, if you weren't careful, the kitchen was quickly filled with smoke, because these toasters didn't have an automatic switch-off like our modern toasters today.

After looking at this old kitchen appliance for a while, I imagined how the filaments could be seen when it was switched on. Unfortunately, these were defective with this one. I would have liked to see this, because in this version you can see them very well, unlike our contemporary modern designs. With that thought, I knew what to do to bring this beautiful old object back into the present with a new function.

It should be a lamp, but not just a lamp, but one

 - and with that, we are back in the retro science fiction area -

Steam-powered lamp in which electrical energy is generated from steam power, which can light up lightbulbs. But not just to light up, but dimmable depending on the desired brightness so that the filaments of the light bulbs glow like the filaments of the toaster glowed. It immediately brought a smile to my face at the thought of a steam toaster. Now to the revolutionary science-fiction functionality. The coal is burned in the combustion chamber of the pre-built steam boiler.

- nice to see by the red firelight under the steam boiler -

The amount of steam that is generated from the steam boiler above can be regulated by turning the chimney of the steam boiler. The steam now rises in the riser provided for this purpose through a limiting valve with a pressure gauge and continues to flow in through the line over the toaster, the specially invented converter that generates electricity from steam. From the converter, the electricity flows divided into + and - phases through lines into the distributors and from there into the connections of the light bulbs.

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The dimensions
Length 33cm
Width 16cm
Height 21 cm
The materials
Sheet steel rusted and sealed
brass / copper

220 volts dimmable

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