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Tokyo Wood Shelf


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Tokyo is crafted from hornbeam with meticulous craftsmanship in their homes. It is a special and completely handmade, artisanal product for those who want to feel the Japanese style. Japanese culture and Mediterranean influences can achieve a common synthesis. The difference between these designs from others is that they have convincing sincerity. The Tokyo Wooden Slatted shelf has an intimate depth. The harmony of the design on the wall, the respect is shown for its natural material, and the designs that make us smile are living forms of life. These designs, produced by human hands, carry all forms of life to the end. It includes the feelings and thoughts of the working hand and its contribution to life. Tokyo Wooden slatted shelf understands you with all its modesty and serious stance. It blows a perfectly relaxing air into the house with the spaces it creates. This shelf model, which absorbs life to the fullest, opens up space for joy and happiness. The relevant apparatus for hanging the product is sent with the product. It is shaped by hand from wooden material.

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Tokyo is neatly handcrafted from the beech tree. An artisan piece for those who want to feel the japan lifestyle in their living spaces. This arch shelf is shaped in hand from wood. Hardware for mounting comes with the product.

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