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Circles, horizontals, and verticals meet in Zenobio to show a positive perception. It has all the details that will make you happy. It emphasizes the infinity of life energy and pursues what is most valuable to live. Zenobio offers a decorative simplicity that focuses on the philosophy of life. It takes action in a geometrical form richness and creates a fiction that pleases the eye. When emotions and what the eye wants to see come together, you have found your home's best friend. It has a humane effect as it calmly awaits you at home. Thus, good news and good perspectives will enter your home more quickly due to the balanced atmosphere of your home and will keep your psychology in balance. Do not underestimate the psychological effects of a home decoration product, they hold the key to happiness. When combined with other Formae products, it provides magnificent integrity. Formae, like a family, has a philosophy that gives importance to both art and production. The simplicity and sincerity of Eastern philosophy offer the best solutions for being an individual in modern life. A house needs both a calm and analytical look. Formae puts this together and implements it very well.

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DIMENSION: H182cm / L41cm / W41cm


15 working days.

A public monument on a domestic scale, Zenobio is a coat rack composed of the wireframe of a turreted city, which evokes doors, arches and windows through the incessant evolution of wire which forms straight lines, curves or circles, creating an authentic internal architecture. The continuous changes in shape, as well as making the product highly functional, also make Zenobio dynamic and always aesthetically different, depending on the viewpoint.

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