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by Dali

Zesta Coffee Table


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If it was a painting, the distinctive features of this design, color and form would be immediately noticed. Since it appeals to a three-dimensional perception, it was built where it should be and with the materials, they should be. The movement of metal, which symbolizes the beyond, has removed the table from being just a table, adding a decorative and fairy-tale effect. If you went to a crowded cafe, the first thing that would be caught by your eye is this design. You try to solve it, to understand the geometrical contents of its structure. The dance of metal and wood has never been met in such a delightful design. The satin used on the surface is an indication of the different vision in the material. The fact that the furniture is presented by a firm that follows the footsteps of art appeals to both the heart and the soul and is proof of the modernist spirit of furniture.

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Height: 45 cm
Width: 60 cm
Length: 120 cm
Thickness of table: 3,5cm
Width of structure: 4cm x 4cm

Delivery time: 4 to 8 weeks

Coffee table made of natural raw materials. Table top: zebrawood - origin: Central Africa. Table
structure: stainless steel; surface finish: “satin”. The table can be made according to the customer’s
needs. Offered selection of wood types: samples below.

Rules for the use of furniture

To keep the product in its best condition, it is recommended to maintain a constant temperature in the rooms where the furniture is placed (19-23 C °).

Furniture should be used indoors and protected against harmful weather conditions.

It is recommended to clean the furniture with a dry or slightly damp, soft cloth.

We provide a two-year warranty for each piece of furniture in our collections.
Complaints are not subject to:
– damage resulting from circumstances beyond the control of the manufacturer,
– damage resulting from improper use or setting, e.g. furniture placed next to heating devices,
– damage caused by placing objects with low or high temperatures on the furniture, as a result of the use of inappropriate chemicals or as a result of prolonged contact with water and high humidity, The manufacturer will inform the customer about the result of the complaint within 3 days by e-mail. After accepting the complaint, the advertised project should be as thoroughly secured as possible for transport by the customer. After accepting the complaint, the customer does not bear the costs of transport.

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