Collection: CPS Steampunk ( Claus Peter Stoffels )

I am 56 years old and a trained toolmaker. For 30 years I have been working in the precision mechanics sector as a TÜV certified test equipment supervisor. I repair and calibrate test and measurement equipment and I am a test and measurement equipment supervisor according to DIN EN ISO 9002. I am one of the rare artists of the Steampunk genre. Steampunk is a retro-futuristic art form. So far, no one knows where this style comes from, but it is suspected that it originated in England or America. What is certain is that it saw the light of day in the 1980s. The scene here in Germany is relatively well organized and I estimate that there are about 10 thousand who follow the hobby.

3 keywords are descriptive of this retro art genre: adventure - romance - and science.

It describes the time of the steam engine and the industrial revolution. It is a time of expeditions and explorers, tinkerers, and inventors like Tesla, Westinghouse, Bell, and Edison. This time period is also called the Victorian era from 1860 - to 1910. So many things were invented during this time; furniture, furnishings, appliances. All these things were very expensive at that time and some of them were decorated with ornaments by the manufacturers.

Most of them were handmade, so they had a soul. I still have things going since then. But it is also the time of writers who were inspired by this era, and wrote novels and fantastic stories. One to mention is the author Jules Verne. We all know the stories with Captain Nemo and his Nautilus, but also the writer H.G Wells who wrote the time machine. When I found out what steampunk was all my life, I realized that I was like that without knowing what it was called. Because even when I was a little kid, I was always trying to create something like that. I'm very impressed with Jules Verne, and that's why I build objects that can always somehow adapt to their novels - that are timeless because Jules Verne is timeless. Thus, I have ventured into so many everyday objects, such as wristwatches, wall clocks, mantel clocks, regulators, lighters, pens, cell phone cases, light objects, and not to forget, an e-bike that I modeled after a 1911 Harley-Davidson. The materials are important to me. I use materials and objects that are almost completely old, used, and have their history. They are also mainly metal, copper, and rice. I try to work 100% purely manually. You will by no means find machine-made components in my work. Therefore, all objects are produced only once and are unique.

I made all my outfits myself, reflecting this time, and they were all created by the spirit of Jules Verne.

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